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Iron Kingdoms Chronicles - In Thunder Forged

1-3 dagars leveranstid 1-3 dagars leveranstid

The first novels based upon the award-winning WARMACHINE® steam-powered fantasy wargame and the world of the Iron Kingdoms™ Role Playing Game!

The Iron Kingdoms are at war: a war fought with machine guns and magic, knights of valor and earth-shaking titans of steam and steel. And now that war may hinge on nothing more than a sheaf of papers.
An alchemical formula, stolen by an ally they thought they could trust, could cost the brave soldiers of Cygnar everything, unless they retrieve it before their enemy can. Their only hope: a cunning spy, a knight out of her element, and a frighteningly small unit of the best that Cygnar has to offer.
Arrayed against them is not only a single, devious enemy, but the combined intelligence apparatus—and possibly the full military might—of the most brutal martial power Cygnar has ever known.

The author of The Goblin Corps and the Widdershins Adventures series, Ari Marmell has also worked as an author of role-playing- game materials for games such as Dungeons & Dragons and the World of Darkness line. Born in New York, Ari lives in Texas with his wife, George; two cats; and a variety of neuroses. Visit him online at and on Twitter @mouseferatu. Visit his Widdershins page at

“In Thunder Forged is an alchemical barrage of action, intrigue, betrayal, and combat. Marmell’s heroines defy convention without sacrificing humanity for grit. What an exciting beginning for the Iron Kingdoms Chronicles!” —Dave Gross, author of Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves and Pathfinder Tales: Queen of Thorns

“Flash and action with solid characterization and clever humor. Marmell’s characters are memorable and compelling, and his creativity and originality within the steampunk fantasy genre makes him a remarkable storyteller. This one is a keeper.”
—Library Journal

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