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ArmyPainter Colour Primer Spray - Chaotic Red

1-3 dagars leveranstid 1-3 dagars leveranstid

A rich and very deep red colour that will fit perfectly as a basecoat for any red highlights. As the name suggests the Chaotic Red is a must have for Chaos miniature collectors of any system or as basecoat for futuristic warmachines or monsters. Suggested Quickshade is Dark Tone, but the versatile dark red colour can also stand on its own and be highlighted immediately after drying.

Colour Primer Spray Undercoat and basecoat in one! We are proud to announce that we will be distributing an absolutely fantastic quality Colour Primer to rival anything currently on the market.

The Colour Primer will be sprayed directly onto assembled miniatures without prior base coating. Usually, to get a good finish you would need to undercoat your model and then apply colour spray. With The Army Painter Colour Primer we have eliminated that first step.

The colours are clear and sharp and work in fantastic tandem with our Quick Shade products or on its own ready to be highlighted and/or have additional colours applied. We have not only developed Colour Primers but also BLACK and WHITE basecoat primers. These are of exceptional quality and again they can easily compete with the best primers out there. The colour is matt and will make the applied colours on the models look very clear.

Colour Primer/Base Primers Retail Sales Pointers:
-Base Primers are at an extremely competitive price-point compared to other existing Primers
-There really is nothing like Colour Primers on the market right now (Price point vs. quality vs.quantity)!
-Army Sized can of 400ml.!
-Primer and Basecoat in one no need for 2 different sprays!
-Combined with Quick Shade armies of miniatures can be painted in a very short time!

See more at www.thearmypainter.com

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Denna produkt inkom i vårt sortiment den lördag 26 april, 2014.

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Fanatic Army Painter
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